Those cherished memories deserve better than a box!

My Little Artist gathers your child's artwork and transforms them into beautifully designed books. Each unique to you!

  • 1. Gather Your Memories

    We send you a prepaid shipping kit. Simply add what matters most to you.

  • 2. We Design Your Book

    Our expert designers curate your memories into the perfect design you can review and approve online.

  • 3. Share Your Story

    Our coffee table quality books are designed to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Your Little Artist's memories, bound together to cherish forever more.

If you're anything like many of the mums and dads out there, all that artwork given to you by daycare, Pre-school and school, are popped into a draw or box, as most of us have no idea what to do with them or the time!

My Little Artist will turn your children’s artwork, the first time they write their name, treasured letters, photos, invitations, newspaper clippings, school awards, medals etc, into gorgeous books for you to keep, share, and reminisce over for many years to come. ​

Those little years really are gone to soon!

Don't take our word for it...

What are our customers saying?

  • Yonca Amir

    My son and I are just over the moon with the book that My Little Artist created for us! I had kept my son's artwork since pre-school (he's now in year 12) and had no idea what to do with them, until someone told me about My Little Artist. His book is a treasure! Thank you so much! I'll be ordering one for my daughter shortly too. 

  • Danielle Lewis

    My Little Artist are truly artists! I've finally cleaned out the draws that had years of my kid's artwork etc and have now beautiful books to replace them. What a top idea! 

    Thanks again MLA x 

  • Jude R

    My sister kept complaining about the boxes she had full with my niece and nephew's artwork. So i sent them in to My Little Artist as a surprise!

    She cried when i delivered the books to her. Best gift i've ever given to anyone! Thank you. 

  • Suzie J

    Words cannot explain how i felt when i recieved my son's Artbook! I was in tears. It is so beautiful and something we'll be looking at for many years to come.